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How to save your product spreadsheet as a CSV file
How to save your product spreadsheet as a CSV file

Learn how to convert product spreadsheets to a CSV format

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CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values." It is the only file format you can use when you wish to update your Products or Inventory in Sellbrite via spreadsheet.

Many spreadsheet programs, like Microsoft Excel, allow you to save your spreadsheet in a CSV format.

To save your file in a CSV format from Excel, follow these steps:

1. In the latest versions of Microsoft Excel you can make a CSV file by selecting the Microsoft Office icon (Earlier versions of Excel will require you to select File instead of seeing an icon), then select Save As.

2. Next to the drop down called Save as type you can select CSV (Comma Delimited)

3. Name your file, and save it.

4. You will usually get a warning screen from Excel telling you that a CSV file does not support multiple files types. You can ignore this and select OK.

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