Step 7: Enable Inventory Sync

In Go-Live Step 7, learn how Inventory Sync works, and how to turn on Inventory Sync for the first time.

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Important Information on Inventory Sync

One critical setting to enable before going live with Sellbrite is Inventory Sync.

WARNING: This setting is very powerful. Read below to understand how it works before turning on.

Inventory Sync allows you to make changes to a Product's quantity in Sellbrite, and then Sellbrite will automatically push that quantity out to any existing Listings on your sales channels. Inventory Sync uses each Product's unique SKU to do this.

NOTE: Inventory Sync is a global setting. This means that when Inventory Sync is enabled for a channel, it will apply to all of the Listings on that channel.

For Inventory Sync to work properly:

1. Your Products in Sellbrite must be linked to your Listings

2. In Settings, Inventory Sync must be toggled ON. Note: You may turn on Inventory Sync for just some sales channels, if you prefer. 

3. You must update the quantity of an item in Sellbrite's Inventory Tab, *not* on the sales channel directly

Once Inventory Sync is turned on, make any changes to quantity or warehouse for your Products in Sellbrite, and those changes will push out to the channels you have enabled for Inventory Sync. You can update the quantity, warehouse or bin location on your Products in Sellbrite a few different ways.

WARNING: If you update a Listing directly on a sales channel, Sellbrite will not know about the changes. Inventory Sync runs by looking at the Listings tab in Sellbrite to see inventory levels, not the inventory levels published on your sales channels.

Ex: You change the available quantity of a T-shirt in your eBay store directly, rather than in Sellbrite. In this scenario, Inventory Sync won't change the quantity for that item on your other channels, since Sellbrite won't know you made a change directly in eBay. Inventory Sync works by pushing quantity changes from Sellbrite to eBay, not vice versa. You must make all inventory changes in Sellbrite directly.

How to Turn on Inventory Sync

Important: First, check to be sure you have completed Steps 1-4 of the Go Live Checklist, and have verified Inventory. If you have completed these steps, your listings should be linked to your inventory, and your pricing rules should be saved. Now, you can Enable Inventory Sync:

1. Go to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations and click the gear wheel next to the channel you want to enable Inventory Sync on.

2. Toggle Inventory Sync ON.

3. Repeat this step for any other channels you want to enable Inventory Sync.

You're all set! This is the last step in your verification steps. You can officially go live with Sellbrite!

NOTE: The Onboarding Team at Sellbrite also highly recommends viewing this article to understand how to use Inventory Sync rules to your advantage: Setting Inventory Rules

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