Step 6: Enable Inventory Sync

In Go-Live Step 7, learn how Inventory Sync works, and how to turn on Inventory Sync for the first time.

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What is Inventory Sync?

Inventory Sync iInventory Sync is a fundamental feature of Sellbrite, and enabling it is an important step in going live with your account. Inventory Sync automatically pushes your inventory quantities in Sellbrite out to your Sales Channels. Inventory Sync is enabled on a per-channel basis, and will sync inventory to all listings within a channel.

NOTE: This feature can have a significant impact on your listings. Please continue reading to understand how it works before turning it on.

For Inventory Sync to work properly:

  • Listings must be linked to your products in order for Inventory Sync to work. Any unlinked listings will not receive inventory from its corresponding product in Sellbrite.

  • All quantity updates must be made to your inventory in Sellbrite. Never adjust inventory quantities directly from your listing pages. If you make a quantity adjustment directly directly on listing page, Sellbrite will be unaware of the changes and fail to sync inventory for that listing going forward.

Enabling Inventory Sync

First, ensure that you have completed Steps 1-4 of the Go Live Checklist, and have verified your inventory quantities.

1. Go to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations and click the gear icon next to the channel you want to enable Inventory Sync for.

2. Toggle Inventory Sync ON.

3. Repeat this step for any other channels you want to enable Inventory Sync for.

NOTE: The Onboarding Team at Sellbrite also highly recommends viewing this article to understand how to use Inventory Sync rules to your advantage: Setting Inventory Rules

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