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How do I categorize my products?
How do I categorize my products?

Learn how to organize your products in Sellbrite with categories.

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Product categories are for your own internal use within Sellbrite and they have many benefits. Categorized products are easier to list, export and edit.

You can add categories to your products two different ways: manually through the interface, or in bulk using the Product CSV spreadsheet.

Assign categories manually

Products can categorized in both the Selling Manager and Inventory Manager. Simply select the products you wish to categorize, and then click the Categorize button. You can create a new category for these products, or add them to an existing one.

Assign categories with the Product CSV spreadsheet.

Products can be categorized using the Product CSV spreadsheet. Add the category name in the appropriate column, then import the file. Learn more here.

If you are creating entirely new categories, be sure to select the checkbox on the import page.

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