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Sellbrite's Amazon Listing Process
Sellbrite's Amazon Listing Process

Learn how to list to Amazon from Sellbrite.

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These are the new steps required to list a product to Amazon.

Step 1: Categorize Products

Sellbrite's listing process requires that products in Sellbrite are assigned to a category before they can be listed. This allows Sellbrite to automatically save and apply Templates (stored listing settings) to all products you list within each category, cutting out several steps from the listing process and saving you time.

If a product is not assigned to a category, Sellbrite will not allow that product to be listed to Amazon until a category is assigned.

You can categorize your products directly in Sellbrite or by uploading a Product CSV spreadsheet. Here's how:

From Products page

  • Click Products > All Products

  • Select the product(s) you want to categorize 

  • Click the Categorize drop down 

  • Select "New Category" and enter your category name, or...

  • Choose an existing category from the list

From a Spreadsheet

  • Export your products in a Product CSV spreadsheet

  • Enter categories in the Category Name column on the spreadsheet

  • Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and import it to Sellbrite

  • Make sure to select the checkbox option to "Create New Categories from Category Name", before starting the import


Step 2: First Time Listing to Amazon & Configuring Default Settings

Once your products are categorized, select the product(s) you wish to create listings for as you normally would, then click the “List Products” button at the top of the page.

Next, you’ll need to configure your default Offer settings for your Amazon listings. You can use Sellbrite’s default settings shown, or change them to your liking .

The offer settings you set during this step will be saved in a Default Offer Template. This template will then be automatically applied to all new Amazon listings you create by default. Learn how to create and apply different templates here.

The last step to list products to Amazon requires you to find and match your Amazon draft listings to products in the Amazon catalog (ASINs).

Sellbrite will automatically find a matching Amazon product (ASIN) for your listings if your products have a product identifier like UPC, otherwise you can use the Amazon Product Lookup Tool to find the appropriate ASIN for your listings.

Once you have an ASIN for your listings, simply publish your listings.


Step 3: Listing Products After Configuring Default Settings

Once your default Offer settings have been configured, listing products to Amazon becomes even easier!

Once you select the products you want to list and select "List Products", Sellbrite will automatically create draft Amazon listings for those products using your default Offer settings. This means your listings will be automatically enriched with your default offer settings and ready for you to publish to Amazon!

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