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Learn about Sellbrite's new listing process for Etsy.

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To learn how to create Etsy listings, you can check out the following videos below, or continue reading.

Creating Etsy Listings

To create listings for any sales channel, you will want to start from the "All Products" page. Select the products you want to list, click "List Products on Channel", and select Etsy.

If this is the first Etsy listing you are creating from Sellbrite, you will be taken through a series of guided steps to help you configure your listing settings, such as: shipping settings, payment and returns settings, etc. This is a one-time setup.

The first step will be configuring your shipping settings. Etsy Shipping Templates can only be created in Etsy, so you will be selecting which Shipping Template you want to use. If you don't see your Shipping Template(s) here, you can click "Refresh profiles" to import any new shipping profiles you have created.

The next step will allow you to select the Etsy category you are listing within. You will also need to provide information in the "About This Item" section: who made these, what are they, and when were they made?

You can also toggle on the Advanced Options once you have selected a category, which allows you to add Shop Section, Tags, etc.

Click "Save & Continue" and you'll be taken to your Etsy Listings Manager. Your listing(s) will already be selected and ready for publishing. Click "Publish to Etsy" and Sellbrite will begin sending your listing(s) to Etsy.

You can also edit your listings directly from the listing page without using Templates. For example, you will need to add a Return Policy to your listings in the "Shipping & Returns" tab. Sellbrite automatically imports your Return Policies from Etsy, but if a Return Policy you've created isn't visible, just click "Refresh Return Policies."

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