Walmart Promotions

Learn how to create and manage Walmart Promotions in Sellbrite.

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Walmart Promotions are a great way to offer discounted pricing to your customers during their checkout process. In Sellbrite, you can completely manage all promotions for your Walmart Listings, easily and efficiently.

Walmart Promotion Types & Rules

Walmart offers 5 types of promotions.

Adds a Clearance badge, the price and a comparison price on the Item page


Same as Clearance, but with a Reduced badge on the Item page instead.

Displays the price on the checkout page only.

Similar to In Cart, except that the price only displays for a customer who is logged in and is in the checkout.

Features a particular product at the top of search results in Walmart. Sellers do not pay for these ads unless the ads generate clicks and conversions. Signing up with Walmart 2-Day Shipping with Flexport gives sellers access to these ads. Learn more here.

For all promotion types, the following rules apply and are important to note:

  • Up to 10 promotions can be scheduled for a single listing.

  • Only 1 promotion can be active at a given time on a listing. Sellbrite won't let you create promotions with overlapping time frames.

  • In Cart and In Checkout promotions do not show a comparison price. Only Clearance and Reduced Promotions show a price difference savings.

  • Promotions cannot be deleted within the first 4 hours of being created. Attempting to delete a promotion within it's first 4 hours of being created will result in an error.

  • Once a promotion is started, it cannot be altered or deleted.You'll have to let the promotion end on it's set Expiration Date after it's started.

  • In Sellbrite, all Effective Dates start at 12:00am on that date, and Expiration Dates end at 11:59pm UTC.

  • Future promotions that have not yet started can be deleted.


Creating Walmart Promotions

To create a Promotion, open a Walmart listing in Sellbrite and navigate to the Promotions tab to select "Add New Promotion".


Enter the Promotion Type, Effective and Expiration Dates and a Promotional Price for your draft promotion. If creating a Clearance or Reduced Price promotion, Sellbrite will automatically use your listing price as the Comparison Price for the promotion.

Once you've created the draft promotions needed for your listing, publish the listing at the top of the page to submit the promotions to your Walmart listing. Any draft promotions (unpublished promotions) will have an "x" delete option on the top right of the promotion box. Active promotions (published promotions) will not have this "x" delete option. Promotions can be deleted following the instructions below.


Deleting Walmart Promotions

Active Promotions (published promotions) can be deleted, so long as they have not yet already started and have been active for more than 4 hours.

To delete promotions for a listing, open a Walmart listing in Sellbrite and navigate to the Promotions tab. All promotions for a listing can be deleted using the "Delete all Promotions for this listing" option at the top of the Promotions tab.

A single promotion can also be deleted using the "Delete Promotion" option within the promotion box.

Once you've selected your delete option (all promotions or specific promotions), publish the listing to delete the promotions in Walmart.

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