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WooCommerce Quick FAQs
WooCommerce Quick FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What versions of WooCommerce do you support?

A: Sellbrite now supports WooCommerce 6.0 as well as all 5.x versions, and any 4.x version below that (4.4, 4.5, etc.)

Q: Can I update my inventory in Sellbrite from WooCommerce?

A: No. Sellbrite's inventory sync is the exact inverse of this method, allowing you to update inventory from one location (Sellbrite), which then updates all connected channels, including WooCommerce. Learn more here.

Q: Can I connect multiple WooCommerce stores to Sellbrite?

A: Yes! If you have more than one WooCommerce store, you can connect them to Sellbrite. There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can connect, even if they are the same shopping cart or marketplace.

Q: Can Sellbrite route orders from my other channels, like eBay and Amazon, back to my WooCommerce store?

A: No. All orders are imported into Sellbrite. If you use ShipStation, then Sellbrite can send all of your channel orders to your ShipStation account for easy fulfillment. Learn more here.

Q: If I update my products in WooCommerce (change name, description, etc.) will that update my products in Sellbrite and my listings on my sales channels.

A: No. Similar to inventory sync, product updates or changes should be made in Sellbrite first, then you can update your linked listings accordingly. Learn more here.

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