1. Status feed error

This error will be displayed when Walmart fails to ingest the listing(s) that you have published. This is not caused by any user error.

To fix: Republish the listing.


2. Images and child elements

This error will be displayed for several different reasons.

  • If you are publishing a variation but haven't provided a variation attribute such as 'size' or 'color'.
  • The listing doesn't contain an image or you haven't filled out a required field.

To fix: Make sure that all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) are filled out and that your listing contains an image. If it is a variation listing, be sure to provide variation attributes.


3. Product ID is set up with existing SKU

This error will be displayed if you are trying to list multiple products or variations with the same UPC.

To fix: Check the UPCs of the products you are trying to list and make sure that none of them share the same UPC. If you find a duplicate, be sure to replace it with a new UPC.


4. Lag time exceeded.

This error will be displayed if you have tried to publish a listing with a lag time higher than 1. Walmart refers to handling time as "lag time" and only allows merchants to have a lag time of 1 day.

To Fix: Sellbrite will automatically change your lag time to 1 when Walmart returns this error. All you will need to do is republish the listing.


5. Invalid product ID length.

This error will be displayed if you have provided a UPC that is longer than twelve digits.

To fix: Check your UPCs and confirm that they are correct. Provide only valid UPCs that are twelve digits long.

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