Walmart common errors

Learn how to avoid and correct errors you receive when creating Walmart listings.

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1. This listing could not be published to Walmart because it is missing one or more key features, such as product image, weight, brand, etc. If you're publishing a variation listing, make sure that the product's variation attributes have been mapped.

This error will be displayed for several different reasons:

  • If you are publishing a variation but haven't provided a variation attribute such as 'size' or 'color'.

  • The listing doesn't contain an image or you haven't filled out a required field.

To fix: Make sure that all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) are filled out and that your listing contains an image. If it is a variation listing, be sure to provide variation attributes.


2. This listing contains a product ID (UPC, EAN, etc.) that is already being used by another listing in your Walmart account. You will need to provide a different product ID in order to publish this listing.

This error will be displayed if you are trying to list a product that contains a UPC that is already being used by another one of your listings.

To fix: Check the UPCs of the products you are trying to list and make sure that none of them share the same UPC. If you find a duplicate, be sure to replace it with a new UPC.

3. "UPC must be 12 digits long. Please provide a 12 digit UPC before publishing your listing."

This error will be displayed if you have provided a UPC that is longer than twelve digits.

To fix: Check your UPCs and confirm that they are correct. Provide only valid UPCs that are twelve digits long.

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