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How do I change the handling time for my Amazon listings in Sellbrite?
How do I change the handling time for my Amazon listings in Sellbrite?

Learn how to change your Amazon listing handling time.

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There are a few different ways you can add or adjust the Handling Time of your Amazon listings.

Manually adjust your Handling Time

You can add or adjust your handling time manually by opening an Amazon listing in your Amazon Listings Manager. Click on the "Offer" tab and edit the handling time, then click "Save & Publish" to update the listing.

Using Templates to adjust your Handling Time

You can also use your Amazon Offer Template to add or adjust your handling time. This will allow you do update listings in bulk. From your Amazon Listings Manager, select the listings you would like to update, then click "Apply Template(s)." Select your Offer Template and your listings will automatically be republished and updated.

Additionally, if you change the handling time in your Offer Template, any listings with this template applied will automatically update.

Setting a channel-wide Handling Time.

Lastly, you can set a channel-wide Handling Time. To do this, navigate to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations > Amazon. From here, you can add a Handling Time which will act as a default for all of your Amazon listings that don't currently have a Handling Time.

When a Handling Time is set in your channel settings, it will only apply to listings that do not contain a Handling Time. Any listings you've added a Handling Time to, either manually or with an Offer Template, will NOT be affected by this.

Amazon does not provide Sellbrite with your listing's Handling Time when listings are imported. This means that many of your Amazon listings will not initially have a Handling Time in Sellbrite, so providing one here in your Channel Settings is a great way to make sure that all of your listings contain the Handling Time of your choosing. For listings that do no contain a Handling Time, Amazon's default of 1 - 2 business days will be used.

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