Walmart Returns

Learn how to refund and complete your returned Walmart orders.

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Walmart order returns can be processed from within Sellbrite!

Sellbrite will notify you when there is a pending return for a Walmart order and you can see your Walmart order returns in the Returns tab of the Orders page.

: Once a return has been delivered to the return address specified to your buyer, you have 48 hours to issue a refund and complete the return request, otherwise Walmart will refund the buyer in full on your behalf.

To return a Walmart order, simply open a Pending Return order by clicking on the order # and then select Return Item(s) in the Order Details page.

It's important to remember that when you are marking order items as returned, you're also issuing a Refund to the buyer as well. You can therefore also issue a refund in full, or issue a partial refund for a given return.

To issue a full refund, simply select "Confirm" from this first screen.

If you need to issue a partial refund, select "Show Return Options".

You can then deduct the total refund amount given back to your buyer by adding a Shipping Fee or Restocking Fee of up to 20%. Charging a shipping or restocking fee will require you to enter a reason for the fee charges, in order for Walmart to review the partial refund request.

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