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Deactivating FBA in Shopify
Deactivating FBA in Shopify

Learn why a Shopify store owner should disable FBA in their store, when using Sellbrite's FBA Integration.

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Sellbrite offers a robust integration with Fulfillment by Amazon, which means you can list your FBA items on other sales channels, sync your FBA stock levels to listings on any channel, and fulfill orders from any channel using your FBA inventory, including your Shopify store.

This means we'll simply want deactivate FBA in your Shopify store if you're going to be using Sellbrite's FBA Integration, as Sellbrite will now send your Shopify orders to be Fulfilled by Amazon.

"Why should I deactivate FBA in Shopify?": you never want 2 applications dealing with the same task, as that can lead to over allocations and over selling.

NOTE: The deactivation of FBA in Shopify is only suggested to merchants that are wanting to enable FBA in Sellbrite.

How to Disable FBA in Shopify

1. In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and select "Manage Services" for Fulfillment by Amazon.

2. Select "Deactivate Amazon" and confirm the deactivation in the next popup.

Your Shopify store is now no longer using FBA as a fulfillment service.

At the above link, you can learn how to enable your FBA account in Sellbrite, begin the process of updating your Shopify listings with your FBA quantities, and more!

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