Before moving on, please make sure you have completed the following steps:

Step 1: Learn how to set up your Rakuten listings to work with Sellbrite here

Step 2: Learn how to generate a detailed product export in Rakuten here


Importing your Rakuten listings into Sellbrite

1. In Sellbrite, go to Settings > Import Data.


2. On the Import Data page, click on the Rakuten icon in your list of channels.


3. Click the button to choose a CSV file (.csv) to upload, and select the Detailed Product Report (products-detailed-yyyymmddhhmm.csv) you generated and saved on your computer in the preliminary steps above.


4. Select whether you would like to automatically build products from these imported listings (We recommend to choose "No").


5. Click on the Begin Import button.

Now your Rakuten listings will be imported into Sellbrite and visible from your Listings Tab in Sellbrite.

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