Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create listings on Rakuten?

A: No. Rakuten's integration capabilities limit Sellbrite from creating listings in the way it does with other channels. To create listings on Rakuten, you will need to go to Rakuten directly and follow their recommended listing methods.

Q: If I update my products in Sellbrite (change name, description, etc.) will that update my listings on Rakuten.

A: No. Sellbrite does not offer the ability to edit listing data, only inventory quantities as they change in your Sellbrite account.

Q: Can I fulfill my Rakuten orders with Sellbrite?

A: Yes. Orders from any of your connected sales channels, including Rakuten, can be fulfilled from Sellbrite. You can also fulfill those orders with Sellbrite's FBA integration, as well as through an integrated shipping partner, such as ShipStation.

Q: I fulfilled my order outside of Sellbrite. Why does it still show Ready to Ship inside my Sellbrite account, instead of appearing in the Completed tab?

A: Rakuten does not send order updates back to integrated partners like Sellbrite. Unless you fulfilled the order through Sellbrite, there is no way for us to automatically know the order was fulfilled. You will need to mark the order as shipped manually by clicking the "Mark as Shipped" button from within the order details page.

Q: My order was canceled in Rakuten and still shows as Ready to Ship inside my Sellbrite account. Is there a way to mark it as Canceled?

A: Since Rakuten doesn't send order updates, the order will not automatically move to the Canceled tab. Unfortunately, there isn't a "Mark as Canceled" button, so if you need to move a Rakuten order from Ready to Ship to Canceled, please submit a support inquiry and we'll be happy to move it over for you.

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