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Connecting your Newegg account to Sellbrite
Connecting your Newegg account to Sellbrite

Learn how to connect your Newegg account to Sellbrite.

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In order to connect your Newegg account to Sellbrite, you will need to retrieve your Seller ID and Secret API Key from your Newegg Seller Portal.

  • To get started, log into your Newegg account and navigate to Seller profile in the top-right corner of the screen, then select "Data Feed Settings" from the dropdown.

  • Next, click on the "API Settings" tab. Here is where you will find your Seller ID. Copy your ID and save it for future reference and use. Additionally, you'll find API keys on this page. It's important to note that these keys are not used to connect your Newegg account, so avoid trying using them for this purpose.

  • Next, click on "Auth a Developer" and from this page, click the "Authorize" button to add Sellbrite as a service provider.

  • Once you have selected Sellbrite as your Provider, click "Authorize." Note that the "Secret Key" field will be blank. This is expected behavior and your Secret Key will generate after Sellbrite is authorized.

  • Now you will see your Sellbrite Secret Key is generated and active. If you don't yet see your Sellbrite Secret Key, click "Refresh List" or try refreshing the page.

  • Navigate back to your Sellbrite account and go to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations > Connect a New Channel and select Newegg from the list of supported marketplaces.

  • Give your channel and nickname then provide your Newegg Seller ID and API Secret Key. Once you're done, simply click "Connect Your Account."

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