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How to use Etsy Shipping Profiles
How to use Etsy Shipping Profiles

Learn how to create Etsy Shipping Profiles and import them into Sellbrite

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Shipping Profiles are created directly on Etsy. To create a new Shipping Profile, navigate to Shop Manager > Settings > Shipping Settings.

Click on "Shipping Profiles." Then click "Add a shipping profile."

Select which kind of shipping profile you would like to create (Calculated or Fixed Price).

Finish configuring your Shipping Profile and click "Create profile." After your Shipping Profile has been created in Etsy, it will appear in both your Etsy Edit Listings pages and your Etsy Shipping Templates. There is no limit to the amount of Shipping Profiles you can import into Sellbrite.

If you have created a new Shipping Profile and do not see it in either of these pages, simply click "Refresh profiles." This will prompt Sellbrite to import any new profiles into the system.

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