Etsy allows you to save time adding shipping prices to products in your shop by creating Shipping Profiles. With saved Shipping Profiles, you can update multiple listings quickly with similar shipping costs. Click here to learn more about Etsy Shipping profiles and how to set them up.

NOTE: Etsy has not made Calculated Shipping profiles available to third-party solutions like Sellbrite. You may only use Flat Rate (Set my own) shipping options.

Adding your Shipping Profiles to Etsy Listings is simple. To do this, navigate to an Etsy listing in Sellbrite, and click into the Shipping Tab.

This page will contain an "Etsy Shipping Profile" section, with all of your profiles visible. If a profile you created is not visible, click "Refresh profiles."  

If your listing has a Shipping Template applied to it, the "Refresh profiles" button will be unresponsive, and you will need to update the Shipping Profile within your template or remove the template from your listing.

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