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eBay International overview & FAQs
eBay International overview & FAQs

Learn how Sellbrite integrates with eBay International marketplaces.

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Supported Markets

Sellbrite supports inventory management for the following eBay International markets:

Connecting Your International Marketplaces

The process for connecting an eBay International channel is the same as for, simply select the appropriate country from the dropdown on the Add eBay Channel page:


Feature Overview

Sellbrite supports limited functionality on International channels. The following is a list of supported features:

  • Import Listings (from eBay to Sellbrite)

  • Sync Inventory

  • Import Orders

  • Ship Orders (Multichannel FBA only)

Sales from International channels will appear in your Reports in $USD. There is currently no way to run reports in other currencies.

Import existing listings from eBay

Import your existing listings from eBay so they can be managed moving forward from your Sellbrite account. Inventory can be built from these listings if they are new products in your Sellbrite account.


Manage Inventory from Sellbrite

Inventory sync is one of the most powerful features in Sellbrite. Once activated, Sellbrite updates your listings every 15 minutes with the available inventory of the products the listings are linked to.

International channels support inventory sync from any warehouse location.


Import orders from eBay

Sellbrite pulls Orders from eBay and any other connected channels for inventory and reporting purposes, as well as some functionality for Fulfillment of those orders.


Fulfill eBay orders (with tracking information) from Sellbrite

Sellbrite allows you to fulfill eBay International orders with multichannel FBA, and pushes the tracking information from Amazon back to eBay and out to your customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Sellbrite to list my products to eBay International channels?

A: Not at this time.

: Can I stream my inventory in Sellbrite from eBay listings?

A: No. Sellbrite's inventory sync is the inverse of this method, sending updates from Sellbrite to all connected channels. Moving forward, simply update your quantities in Sellbrite. Learn more here.

: Can I create shipping labels for International orders from Sellbrite?

A: Not yet. Sellbrite offers the ability to automate your eBay fulfillment via multichannel FBA, but does not yet support International carriers and couriers. Learn more here.

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