1. "Oh dear, you cannot sell this item on Etsy"

If the product is not handmade, vintage, or a craft item, then this error may be indicating there's something wrong with the way the listing details are setup

1. If you say your item is made by someone else but it's not a supply or craft tool (which may be the case with your listing). Etsy expects you to make your items yourself, except when it's a supply or craft tool.

2. When you choose a supply or craft tool category for your item, and still indicate it as not a supply or craft tool.


2. "Connection error: %d is not a valid shop_id"

This error occurs because you do not have a shop_id on Etsy yet. To fix, continue with your Etsy store set-up until it is fully set up. Then, disconnect your Etsy channel in Sellbrite and reconnect it again.

3. "All combinations of property values must be supplied"

This error occurs if you have a product that varies on size and color, but do not have a full size run of each different color. For example, if you have 3 sizes for the black shirt variation (S, M, L), but only 4 sizes of the blue shirt variation (S, M). This discrepancy will causing Etsy to reject Sellbrite inventory syncs and generate this error.

To fix, you will need to add additional size or color variations (even if you do not carry them) so that each variation has the same amount of color/size options. Ex: add Size L as an option for the blue shirt with inventory of 0. Now both colors have 3 size options.

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