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Can I create a bundle or kit of products?
Can I create a bundle or kit of products?
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Currently, Sellbrite does not support Bundles or Kits. In the meantime, you can explore a workaround. This workaround requires you to set aside separate inventory for your bundles/kits and create a new SKU specifically for your bundle or kit.

Workaround Example:

Let's say want to sell a kit which includes a camera, tripod, and camera case. Each of these three Products have their own SKU:

  • Camera SKU: "Nikon_500"

  • Tripod SKU: "Nikon_tripod"

  • Case SKU: "Nikon_500_case"


Follow these steps to create a kit:

1. Create a separate, new SKU for the kit. Example: SKU "Nikon_500_3piece_Kit".


2. Set aside inventory for each component of the kit to be used just for the new SKU. Example: set aside 20 cameras, 20 tripods, and 20 cases. You can enter "20" for the quantity of the new kit SKU, and Sellbrite now knows you have 20 of the new kit SKU to sell.


NOTE: Make sure to deduct 20 from each of your individual SKUs' inventory, since you are stealing some inventory to create the Kit. 


3. When an order is placed for that SKU "Nikon_500_3piece_Kit", Sellbrite will adjust inventory for you correctly because you have already bundled the item into a Kit in your warehouse. You then just need to pick/pack the various items from the inventory you've set aside/allocated for the kit SKU.


NOTE: You can still sell each component separately with the individual SKUs. If you had 100 of each item before creating your Kit, your inventory would look like the below. Since you took 20 of each item away to create your Kit, there are 80 left of the individual components, and 20 in stock for your Kit.

  • Camera SKU: Nikon_500 (Inventory quantity: 80)

  • Tripod SKU: Nikon_tripod (Inventory quantity: 80)

  • Case SKU: Nikon_500_case (Inventory quantity: 80)

  • 3-piece Kit SKU: Nikon_500_3piece_Kit (Inventory quantity: 20)



Q: What is a Kit?

A: A Kit is when you sell two or more stand-alone Products for a single price.

Example: a three-piece camera kit which includes a camera, tripod, and case for $159.99.

Example: a two-piece bathing suit which includes a top and a bottom for $49.99

Q: What is a Bundle?

A: A Bundle is when you sell multiple of the *same* stand-alone Product for a single price.

Example: a 6-pack of white t-shirts for $30

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