eBay common errors

Learn how to avoid and correct errors you receive when creating eBay listings.

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1. Error 107 "You haven't selected a category yet. Please choose an eBay category for this listing, then try republishing."

Error 107 will be displayed if an eBay category has not been selected for your listing(s). eBay will not allow you to publish any listings without first selecting a category.  

2. Error 715 "eBay does not accept product weights over 15oz. If your product weighs over 15oz, round up to 1 lb and try republishing. You can adjust your product weight in the Edit Product page."

This error will be displayed if the weight in your product data contains a value higher than 15 in the Ounces field. eBay does not accept weights over 15 ounces. You must round up to a pound or round down to 15 ounces.

To fix: Edit the weight on the product page and rebuild the draft listing.


3. Error 17 "It looks like you are trying to re-list an item that ended more than 90 days ago. Navigate to this item's product page and create a new listing from there."

Error 17 will be displayed if you are trying to relist an ended eBay listing that has been ended for 90 days or more, eBay will completely remove it from their system. As a result, when you attempt to relist, eBay will return this error because the listing ID no longer exists. If you're receiving this error, you will need to rebuild the listing starting from the All Products tab.

4. Error 20004 "Uh oh! It looks like this listing contains images that are hosted by eBay and Sellbrite. eBay does not allow two different types of images to be used for a listing."

Error 20004 will be displayed when eBay detects that you have self-hosted images in eBay (images you directly uploaded to eBay) and try to add photos using an external system like Sellbrite or Dropbox.

eBay doesn't allow 2 different types of images to be used for listings. Your listings must all be the same type of image...either self-hosted (directly uploaded in eBay) or from a third-party hosting system like Sellbrite or Dropbox.

To fix: try the below methods. If those don’t work, you may need to end the listing and relist it; otherwise, this listing will always generate this error.

Method 1:

1. Delete the images from your variations but only leave 1 image (preferably on the Parent Product)

2. Then Publish the listing out to eBay. Once you have the one image on eBay:

3. Upload the images again for each of the variations and see if you get the “A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed” error

Method 2:

1. Go to the eBay listing and manually copy and paste the Sellbrite hosted URL images for the parent and each variation 

2. Delete the listing from Sellbrite (click the "Delete" button within the listing)

3. Run an eBay listing import 

4. Go into the new listing in Sellbrite and click the "sync from eBay" button


5. Error 21919303 "Uh oh! It looks like you're missing one or more required item specific. Navigate to the Category & Format tab and provide any missing information in the "Required Item Specifics" section."

Error 21919303 will be displayed when listing variation products to eBay. This happens when variation attribute in the draft listing doesn't match the variation attribute in the product you are trying to list.

For example, many merchants will map the Size attribute in their listing to a product with the attribute Men's Size. In order for the attribute to be mapped correctly, the attribute in the product must match the attribute in the listing.


6. Error 240 "eBay is not accepting this listing. The title or description may contain improper words, or the listing may be in violation of eBay policy."

Unlike the other errors that eBay displays, error 240 comes up for many different reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons merchants will see the 240 error:

  • You are brand new to eBay

If you are new to eBay, you must create your first listing through your eBay account. You cannot create your first eBay listing in Sellbrite, or this error will come up.

  • Your account does not have enough positive feedback

You need to make sure you have generated enough positive feedback in order to use a listing application like Sellbrite. Otherwise, you may see this error returned due to not enough established positive feedback for your seller account.

  • Your eBay selling limit has been reached

You may have reached your selling limit for your eBay account. Your limit may be relating to the total number of items you can list or total dollar amount of your listings. You'll need to contact eBay directly to request an increased selling limit.

  • The product in your auction listing has a quantity greater than 1

Auctions in eBay cannot be listed with a quantity higher than 1. Make sure the quantity for auction listings is set to 1 in order for the listing to publish.

  • Your listing contains an @ symbol or an email address

eBay does not allow email addresses to be visible anywhere in your listing, even including the Return Policy section. Make sure you don't have your email address visible in your listing and/or any @ symbols.

  • Incorrect category assignment

Make sure the product you are trying to list is assigned to the correct "Primary Category" in eBay. Sellbrite is pretty good at making category suggestions when you first begin the listing process, but just make sure this is assigned appropriately.

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