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eBay's newly released Product-Based Shopping Experience allows buyers to easily find merchandise that meets their search criteria and quickly decide which products they want to purchase. For sellers, this new experience requires associating listings to products (ePIDs) in the eBay Catalog, for select product lines. Sellbrite will help you know when to associate your listings to products in eBay, and help you find the correct products in eBay for your listings.


Associating Listings to Products in the eBay Catalog

The eBay catalog is a database of structured product information. By associating your listings with products in the eBay catalog, your listings will gain access to product identifiers—key to optimizing your search performance. Your listings will also qualify for product-based shopping, an industry retail-standard experience that buyers have come to expect when they shop online. Associating your listings to products in the catalog also ensures that your listings qualify for product reviews, price trends, and other programs that further highlight the value of the items you are selling.

To associate a listing to a product in the eBay Catalog, simply select an eBay listing from the Listings Manager to edit. One of the first things you'll see when editing eBay listings is the “eBay Product ID (ePID) Lookup” tool on the Product Identifiers tab. The lookup tool is accessible for both single item listings, and multi-variation listings, allowing you to associate each variation in a listing to an eBay product.

The “eBay Product ID (ePID) Lookup” tool allows you to search the eBay Catalog for products using a product name, or a product identifier like UPC.

Depending on how specific your search is, eBay products matching your search term will return in the results for you to select. Simply select the the eBay product you want to associate your listing to and Sellbrite will make sure your listing is associated to the selected eBay product once you publish your listing.

When creating new eBay listings, Sellbrite will automatically search the eBay Catalog for matching products, using product identifiers like UPC, from your products in Sellbrite. You will still need to confirm and select the correct eBay product from the search results and publish your listing.


Required eBay Product Associations

Most and eventually all eBay Categories will require listings published to be associated with products in the eBay Catalog. To save you time, Sellbrite automatically detects when you're creating new listings in an eBay Category that requires a product association. In this case, you'll see a red icon on the Product Identifiers tab of your draft eBay listings, as well as the ePID field in that tab become required.

You will need to associate listings to eBay products in these cases, in order to publish your listings.

Listings that you've already published without a product association could also later be required a product association is made. This will likely occur as eBay continues rolling out their Product-Based Shopping Experience requirements to more of their categories. Luckily, Sellbrite automatically checks if your active eBay listings are within compliance, daily. If any already active listings are not compliant and now require a product association, you will see these listings in the Non-Compliant tab of your eBay listings manager.

It's important to note that under this new Product-Based Shopping Experience, listings that have not been associated to eBay products will not display in the eBay's search results. Make sure a product associations are made for your listings, in order for them to return in eBay's search results for potential buyers.


Adding New Products to the eBay Catalog

In some cases, you might not be able to find an eBay product to associate your listing to, or your listing may not yet have a product in eBay cataloged. To maximize listing to product associations, eBay also allows it's sellers to add new products to the eBay Catalog. You can begin this process in Sellbrite by selecting “Add a new product to the eBay Catalog here”, from the “eBay Product ID (ePID) Lookup” tool.

This link will take you to a product information entry form in eBay, allowing you to request a new product entry into the eBay Catalog. Sellbrite does not currently have it's own version of the product information entry form, but will later.

eBay will review your product submission and keep you updated on all product submissions within the eBay Seller Hub > Product Requests section.

Once your product has been approved, you can simply copy and paste the ePID from that page, back into the ePID field in Sellbrite for your listing. Remember to publish your listing, so Sellbrite can associate your listing to the eBay product selected.

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