eBay's Strike-Through Pricing option allows merchants to show buyers their listings have been discounted in price, by "striking" a line through the List Price of an item on sale. Buyers will see the amount of money saved in the listing along with a new Buy It Now price.


Enabling Strike-Through Pricing

Before turning on Strike-Through Pricing in Sellbrite, you must get approved by eBay to participate in eBay’s Strike-Through Pricing Program. 

Once you have been approved by eBay and are ready to turn on Strike-Through Pricing, visit the Channel Settings page of your connected eBay account in Sellbrite and toggle Strike-Through Pricing to ON.

Once Strike-Through Pricing is turned ON, Sellbrite will use the MSRP entered in your products as the List Price in eBay that will be stricken-through, and the Price entered in your products will populate the "Now" price in eBay.

You will then see your new discounted prices in eBay.


WARNING: Turning OFF Strike-Through Pricing in Sellbrite will NOT remove Strike-Through Pricing from your listings. Any new listings created after you turn off Strike-Through Pricing will simply not have a Strike-Through Price applied, even if you have a MSRP entered in your products.

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