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Understanding the Sellbrite Dashboard
Understanding the Sellbrite Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the Sellbrite Dashboard.

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The Sellbrite Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your business's health. It provides insights into your sales, orders, top-performing products, recent activity, and more. In this article we'll breakdown each section of your Dashboard and how you can use each one to work more effectively.


To Do

The To Do section acts as a reminder for outstanding tasks and items that need attention. If you have recently created your Sellbrite account, your To Do items will consist of creating your first listing, fulfilling your first order from Sellbrite, and enabling Inventory Sync if you haven't already.

Other To Do items include:

  • Linking any unlinked listings

  • Shipping orders

  • Correcting unassigned orders

  • Checking your eBay inbox

Total Sales

In the center of your dashboard, you'll find two key metrics: Total Sales and Total Orders.

These graphs display your sales performance over different timeframes—30 days, 7 days, or just the last day. The "Total Orders" chart categorizes sales by channel. This allows you to identify which channels are performing the best so you can optimize sales on those that need improvement.

Products and Listings Graphs

Below that, you'll find the Top 5 Best-Selling Products graph. Identifying your top-performing items at a glance enables you to list more of them across your channels, ultimately increasing your sales.

The Total Listings graph provides an overview of your listings across different channels, showing their statuses (active, inactive, pending, ended, etc.). This allows you to quickly identify which products have active listings and which ones don't. By identifying these gaps, you can ensure that all your available products are listed on every channel.

The Total Products graph, which shows you how many of your Sellbrite Product Catalog products are actively listed. More products listed typically translate to higher sales. So you can quickly see if you need to list more products in general.



The Announcements section displays messages from Sellbrite such as new feature releases and resource guides!  

Recent Activity

This shows a running tally of the last 10 activities Sellbrite has performed, such as shipping labels that were created and inventory syncs from Sellbrite to your listings.

Resource Guide

The Resource Guide provides assistance with your Sellbrite account. This box links to video tutorials and Help Center articles. Additionally, you can send an inquiry directly to our Support Team by clicking the purple "Help" button.

Dashboard FAQ

Q: Why do my Amazon sales numbers look lower than expected?

A: Orders from Amazon will not count toward your $ Total until they are marked as paid by Amazon. This can take up to 24 hours after the initial order is placed. Orders that are in "Awaiting Payment" status will not be counted toward your order total.

Q: Why is my sales data in the Dashboard different than my sales channels?

A: Sellbrite uses Pacific Time (PST). So based on the time zone of your channels, data may appear slightly different, or be continued on the following day.

Q: Can I customize the dates that the charts display? 

A: No, but you can run custom reports on Sales by SKU, and more from the Reports tab in Sellbrite.

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