Learn how Orders and Shipping work in Sellbrite.

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Sellbrite imports orders from your connected sales channels every 15 minutes. When orders are imported, your inventory quantities will adjust based on the SKUs found in each order. To learn more about orders, check out this video.

Orders are displayed by their statuses, which also update every 15 minutes. When you click on the Orders tab, the 'Ready to Ship' tab will display by default.

Breaking down the different order statuses in Sellbrite:

  • Open

This tab includes all orders that are Awaiting Payment, Ready to Ship, and Shipping. These are the orders that have not been closed out yet.

  • Awaiting Payment

If Sellbrite hasn't received payment confirmation from the channel, the order will remain in "Awaiting Payment."

In most cases, payment settlement will happen before the order is imported to Sellbrite. In some cases, the payment may not settle immediately. For example, if an eBay PayPal payment hasn't yet been paid. Also, Amazon may withhold the payment settlement details for up to a few hours before releasing it.

  • Ready to Ship

Once payment is confirmed, the order will appear in the Ready to Ship tab. This tab is displayed by default, and includes the orders that are ready for fulfillment.

  • Shipping 

Once your shipment is created, the order is going to move into "Shipping" and once Sellbrite updates the channel the order came from with the shipment details, the order gets moved to "Completed."

  • Completed

Once an order has been shipped, it will appear in the Completed tab. All of the items in the order must have been shipped and the order completed in the channel for the order to move to this tab.

  • Canceled

If an order is canceled, it will move into the Canceled tab. The entire order must have been canceled in the channel for the order to move to this tab.

NOTE: Currently, only Walmart orders can be canceled directly in Sellbrite. To cancel any other orders, you must do so on the originating sales channel.

Once canceled, the "Reserved" inventory from a canceled order will de-allocate and return to your "Available" total if the order has not yet been completed.

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