What is Price Sync?

Learn how Price Sync works, and how to turn on Price Sync for the first time.

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With Price Sync, any price changes made to your products in Sellbrite will be automatically reflected in your live listings as well. Price Sync is enabled for a specific sales channel and will affect all active listings on that channel. You can learn more about Price sync by watching this video, or continue reading below.

NOTE: If you update the price of a listing directly on a sales channel, Sellbrite will not be aware of these changes. Additionally, this will cause Sellbrite to stop updating the price of any listing you have adjusted directly in that channel.

How to enable Price Sync

You can enable Price Sync by navigating to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations. From this page, select the channel you would like to enable Price Sync for.

This will take you to your Channel Settings, where you will find the Price Sync toggle located towards the top of the page.

Click on the Price Sync toggle and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to confirm that you would like to enable this feature.

Before entering "ENABLE", be sure that you confirm all of your product prices are correct. Once Price Sync is enable, all of your product prices will be pushed to this sales channel.

Now that Price Sync is enabled, you can create pricing rules. Learn more about Pricing Rules here.

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