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Adjust Inventory Quantities in Sellbrite
Adjust Inventory Quantities in Sellbrite

Learn how to adjust inventory quantities within Sellbrite.

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When adding or adjusting inventory, you are updating the On Hand quantity. Reserved and Available inventory levels are calculated by the system and cannot be updated by you.

NOTE: Inventory quantities should only be adjusted using Sellbrite. Adjusting your inventory quantities directly within a sales channel can interfere with Sellbrite's ability to properly sync your quantities. If you have done this, contact our support team so that they can assist you in correcting this.

There are multiple ways to adjust inventory quantities in Sellbrite: Using the Bulk Editor tool, using an inventory CSV file, or doing so manually.

Adjusting Inventory using the Bulk Editor

Navigate to Products > Inventory. From your Inventory page, you can select the "Bulk editor" button.

Now your inventory will appear in an Excel-like grid, allowing you to click on the white cells in the "On Hand" column to adjust inventory quantities.

This grid has many of the features you will find in a typical spreadsheet:

  • You can click and drag your cursor to select multiple cells.

  • If you want to copy the quantity in a cell down to the cells below it, simply click and hold on the square in the bottom-right corner of the cell, and drag it down.

  • You can also copy the cells from an external spreadsheet and paste them right into the selected cells in this grid.

Once you have made your changes, click the "Save Changes" button. You can also add a note, which will be recorded with all the inventory transaction records created.

Adjusting Inventory Manually

If you only need to make a few inventory adjustments that don't require bulk editing, you can manually update your inventory.

You can do this in the Inventory page by clicking on the On Hand quantity you'd like to adjust. Click on the blue checkmark button when you are done.

If the product is located in multiple warehouses, the On Hand quantity will not be editable from this page unless you have filtered your products by warehouse.

You can also update your inventory quantities by clicking on a product and navigating the to the "Inventory" tab of the Edit Product page.

Adjusting Inventory using an Inventory CSV file

Sellbrite allows you to export your inventory data in the form a CSV (comma separated value) file. Giving you the ability to adjust your inventory in bulk using spreadsheet programs like Excel. Check out this video for detailed instructions on how this is done, or continue reading below.

To export your Inventory CSV file, navigate to Settings > Export Data and select "Inventory."

A pop-up will appear, prompting to select a warehouse to export from. You. can also filter your Inventory CSV by product category.

Your CSV file allows you to edit your quantities, cost, and bin location. Do not remove the first three rows of your file.

After you've made your adjustments, you will need to import the file back into Sellbrite. Do this by navigating to Settings > Import Data. Select the CSV file option for "Inventory."

When importing your file back into Sellbrite, you will have two different quantity options: "Actual Quantity" and "Quantity Adjustment."

By selecting "Actual Quantity," you are telling Sellbrite that the quantities in your file are accurate, and will override the current quantities in your inventory.

By Selecting "Quantity Adjustment," you are telling Sellbrite to add the quantities in your file to the existing quantities in your inventory.

Lastly, you will need to select which warehouse you are importing to, and click "Upload file."

Adjusting Inventory via API

Inventory can also be added/updated automatically through a custom integration using our API. Learn more about our API here.

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