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Using BigCommerce categories
Using BigCommerce categories

Learn how to use BigCommerce categories when creating listings with Sellbrite.

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The first thing to note is that your categories in Sellbrite are meant for internal organization and are not the same as those used in your BigCommerce account. Additionally, any new categories you wish to use in BigCommerce need to be generated directly in your account and cannot be created from Sellbrite.

However, categories being used in Sellbrite will be automatically mapped to your BigCommerce listings if the category name is an exact match.


Applying categories to listing individually

Start by opening a draft or active listing. From the Edit Listing page you'll see the option to apply categories to this listing. If you've recently added new categories in your BigCommerce store, click on "Refresh Categories" and Sellbrite will pull these newly added categories into our system for you to use.


Applying categories in bulk

You can also apply categories to your listing in bulk. From your Listings Manager, select the listings you'd like to edit and click on the "Bulk Edit" button which will give you the option to select your categories and apply them to multiple listings at once.

Select your desired category(s) and click "Apply". If you need to pull any newly created categories from BigCommerce, simply click "Refresh Categories".

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