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What are Warehouses & Bin Locations?
What are Warehouses & Bin Locations?

Learn about warehouse and bin locations.

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Warehouses in Sellbrite represent the real, physical warehouses that store your inventory. Products can be assigned to multiple warehouse locations and the combined total can be made available on each of your sales channels.

Warehouse locations are commonly referred to as "Locations" in Sellbrite.

Additionally, you can manage manage multiple warehouse locations within Sellbrite. This enables you to effectively handle products stocked across different warehouses and manage inventory quantities for each location individually. Learn more about managing multiple warehouses here.

Bin locations

Bin locations are the actual bins in your warehouse where each product is stored. The benefit of using bin locations is to make picking orders easier and more efficient.

You can assign bin locations to your inventory in bulk using the Inventory CSV file or Bulk Editor in the Inventory Page. You can only assign a product to one bin location—not multiple. Learn more here.

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