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How do I reconnect my Amazon channel?
How do I reconnect my Amazon channel?

Learn how to reconnect your Amazon channel when it is showing a disconnected status in Sellbrite.

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When you see a disconnected status for your Amazon channel in Sellbrite, typically it's because the connection was disrupted outside of Sellbrite.

Amazon has a time limit for all third-party connections, and most often the disconnection occurs because of the expired time. All you need to do is re-establish that connection for Sellbrite.

Here is what you need to check for:

1. In your Sellbrite account, check in your channel settings if you are seeing a Connection Error message. It should say: Connection error: AccessDenied: Access to Products.GetMatchingProductForId is denied.

2. Next, check in Amazon Seller Central if you have Sellbrite listed as an active user. You can check this by going to Settings > User Permissions


If Sellbrite is NOT listed as an active user, then we need to reconnect the channel in Sellbrite. To connect your channel, start from your Settings page in Sellbrite.

  • Go to your Sales Channel Integrations

  • Select Connect a New Channel

  • Then continue through the steps to add your Amazon channel.

NOTE: Do NOT delete your Amazon channel prior to going through these steps. Deleting your Amazon channel will remove all current data in Sellbrite and cannot be retrieved back.

Once you've finished the process of adding your Amazon channel, you'll be redirected back to your Sales Channel Integrations page and find your Amazon channel reconnected.

If Sellbrite is listed as an active user, but disconnected in Sellbrite, try going back to Sellbrite to test the connection.

If that does not reconnect the channel back, contact our support team for further assistance.

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