Sellbrite can help you pull in any existing listings on Amazon, and use that data to create new listings on various other marketplaces. The first step to do this is to Build Products from your Amazon Listings. Learn more: What is Building a Product?

Step 1: Import Amazon Listings into Sellbrite

In Sellbrite, you must build Products before you can list those Products for sale on a sales channel. When you import your Amazon listings, Sellbrite can use the data in the listings to build Products for you.

1. Click Settings (Gear Icon) > Import Data > Amazon Channel logo

2. Click "Yes, auto-build products (they do not already exist in my catalog)."

Auto-Build allows you to use your Amazon listing data to build Products in Sellbrite.

3. Click "Begin Import". Sellbrite will download the available Amazon listing data.

Note: Amazon does not provide Sellbrite all of the data on your Amazon listings. Amazon will only provide the main product image, title, price, and Quantity. Description will only be provided if you are the creator of the ASIN. UPCs may or may not be available from Amazon.


Step 2: Enrich your newly built Products in Sellbrite

Because Amazon doesn't provide all the data on a listing to Sellbrite, we recommend you enrich your product data with any missing information. Why? Enriching the product data means you will only have to add the date once to the Product, rather many times to each individual Listing that you create.

You can enrich a Product in two ways. 

1. Use a Product CSV Spreadsheet. Learn more about adding products in bulk via CSV spreadsheet here

2. Manually enrich each Product one-by-one. Click the Product's title to be brought to the Edit Product Page, where you can enrich.

Step 3: Publish Listings to Other Sales Channels

Now that you have built Products in Sellbrite, you can create listings to other sales channels.

1. Go to Products > All Products. Search for the SKU of the Product you want to create a new Listing for.

2. To create a listing, select the checkbox next to the product you want to list, and then click Create Listings. If you want to list in bulk, you can select up to 100 Products at a time.

3. Choose the sales channel where you want to list the Product. Sellbrite will build a draft Listing for you based on the information in your Products Tab. If you are listing to Etsy, Sellbrite will ask for a few additional pieces of product data.

You can review or modify a draft listing before you publish it. To modify listings in bulk, use Listing Templates or Presets. Templates and Presets help format the listing for a specific sales channel.

4. Click Publish. Your listings will be pushed to the channel and made active.

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