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Cancel & Refund Walmart Orders
Cancel & Refund Walmart Orders

Learn how to cancel and refund Walmart orders.

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Cancel Walmart Orders (Before Shipment)

In Sellbrite, click into one of your orders. You can cancel this order before it ships.

If you just received the order, it's possible the 'Cancel Items' button doesn't appear yet. You can click the 'Refresh' button in the order details page, and the button should appear. This action is dependent on Walmart acknowledging that Sellbrite has received the order, so it can take up to 20 minutes or so for it to appear on its own.

Once you click Cancel Items, you'll simply need to tell Sellbrite which items you wish to cancel. In this case, you can cancel them all:

This will take a minute or so to process in your Walmart Seller Center, but you'll want to login and confirm the cancelation. Just go to your Order Dashboard and find the order you canceled. It should show a 'Canceled' status next to each order item.


Refund Walmart Orders (After Shipment)

In Sellbrite, click into a Completed order. Much like the "Cancel Items" button from before, it may take a few minutes for the 'Refund Items' button to appear after Walmart's acknowledgment of the shipment. Simply click 'Refresh' in the order and the button will appear sooner.

You can refund all charges associated with the order, including selling price, shipping charges, and any item tax or shipping tax associated with the order.

You'll also need to select the reason for the refund.

Once saved, the refund should post immediately to Walmart. Check your order dashboard again to confirm the action was successful. You will notice the status of both order items is still Shipped, but the value of the order should be $0:

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