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Add a new Variation to an already live Listing
Add a new Variation to an already live Listing

Learn how to add a new Variation option to an existing live Listing on your sales channels.

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From time to time, you may get a new size or color for an existing Product that is already built in Sellbrite. A new size, color, or style (ex. XL or blue) is considered a new Variation. If you want to add a new Variation to an existing Listing, then you have a few extra steps to complete in Sellbrite.

Sellbrite builds a Variation Product with all its Variations at once. It does not add new variations you might add on to existing Products automatically. If a new variation is added to a listing outside of Sellbrite but it doesn't exist in your Products Tab, that's because Sellbrite doesn't add variations to your Products automatically. New Variations need to be linked to Products in order for Sellbrite to manage inventory and product data.

You will need to follow 3 steps to add a new variation to an existing Product.

First, add the new variation to the listing to the channel directly. Example: add the XL Variation to the listing in eBay directly. Next, add the new Variation in Sellbrite. Last, ensure the listing and Sellbrite are linked.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, add the variation to the Variation Product in Sellbrite. This is required because you need to be able to link the new Variation in your listing to an existing Product in Sellbrite.

Click Products > All Products. Then, search for the SKU of the Variation Product > Click on the title of the Variation Product. This takes you to the Edit Product Page.


Step 2: On the Edit Product Page, click the Variations Tab. To create a new Variation associated with this Variation Product, enter a new SKU. Make sure you use the exact same SKU you used for the new Variation on the channel listing. As long as the SKU in Sellbrite matches the SKU in the listing exactly, Sellbrite will see that they match, and auto-link the two together.

Step 3: Now that the new Variation has been added in Sellbrite, run an Import Listings process from your sales channel. Until you run an import, Sellbrite won't know that you have added the new Variation on that listing.

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