How to Import Images

Learn how to import images into your account.

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The Import Data page allows you to get all kinds of data into Sellbrite. The Import Data page lives in Settings > Application Settings > Import Data.

NOTE: If you are trying to update images on already active listings, check out this article: Updating Images for Active Listings.


Importing images

You can bulk import a Zip file of images into your account at any time.

To add images in bulk:

1. Organize your images into folders.

2. Make sure each folder name matches a single SKU.

3. Select all of your folders and compress into a Zip file.

4. Import the Zip file.

IMPORTANT: Your image file names cannot have spaces. We suggest using a simple filename structure, such as SKU-1, SKU-2, SKU-3, etc., as the default order for your images will be alphabetical.

Upon import, you can decide if you want to delete and replace the existing images for those products.

NOTE: There is a maximum file upload size of 50 megabytes. If you have a file larger than this, you'll need to remove some data in the file to create multiple smaller files to upload, where each file is under 50MB.

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