Move Inventory Between Warehouses

Learn how to move inventory quantities from one warehouse to another.

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Transferring warehouse quantities one at a time

Start from the Inventory Manager and select the product you'd like to adjust quantities for. Click on the "Inventory" tab in the product page and manually adjust the on-hand quantity, reducing what you have in one warehouse and adding it another.


Transferring warehouse quantities in bulk

Transferring inventory quantities in bulk requires using our Inventory CSV, but it's still quick and easy. The first thing you'll need to do is export your CSV file by going to Settings > Export Data > Inventory > All Data. Sellbrite will give you the option to choose which warehouse you're exporting from and if you'd like to filter by category (this is optional).

The next step is to simply re-import the same CSV file back into Sellbrite, only now you'll want to select a different warehouse to import to. If you don't plan on transferring the entirety of your inventory and just want to split your quantities across warehouses, you'll need to make the appropriate adjustments in your CSV file before importing.

When you import your CSV, you will also be given the option to import the "actual quantity" or a "quantity adjustment".

  • Actual quantity - Select this option if you're importing the actual or "final" quantities for your products.

  • Quantity adjustment - Select this option if you're adding additional quantities to what you already have in Sellbrite.

The last step is to reconcile your inventory, which you need to do in order to avoid having duplicate quantities. This process actually doubles your inventory because Sellbrite ingests your CSV as new inventory and will not recognize that you are moving it from one warehouse to another. You can reconcile your inventory in two easy steps:

1. Open the CSV file you just imported and zero out all of the inventory quantities.

2. Re-import the CSV file and the select the original warehouse you exported from.

That's it, you're done!

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