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Ship Orders via Amazon FBA & Seller-Fulfilled Prime
Ship Orders via Amazon FBA & Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Learn how to fulfill orders via FBA, and how to ship Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders.

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NOTE: Before reading this article, you should be familiar with how FBA works with Sellbrite. Learn more about how FBA works with Sellbrite here.

Sellbrite lets you use Fulfillment by Amazon to ship orders from other shopping cart or marketplace channels, as long as you have available FBA inventory.

There are two ways you can send orders to FBA using Sellbrite: automatically or manually.

Automatically Send Orders to FBA

This option will automatically send your orders to Fulfillment by Amazon within 20 minutes of the order importing into Sellbrite, so please make sure you read and understand these instructions before enabling this option.

If you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfill multi-channel orders, you can have Sellbrite automatically send your orders from any channel to FBA. To do this, go to the Channel Settings page for each channel you wish to have orders automatically fulfilled by FBA, and enable the FBA Auto-Fulfillment option.

Once this option is enabled, you can choose to only send orders to FBA if the entire order can be fulfilled, or allow partial shipments to be sent if only some of the items in the order can be fulfilled by FBA.

Next, you can map the channel's available shipping options to FBA's shipping speeds, so when orders import from this channel into Sellbrite, they can be sent to FBA with the correct shipping speed. 

If you just enabled FBA, the FBA Ship Speed Mapping section will appear for each channel once you get new orders from the channel, except for eBay which appears immediately. Sellbrite builds the list of available shipping options for each channel from the shipping options that appear on new orders received, since only eBay offers the ability to download a full list of available shipping options.

Orders will now be automatically sent to FBA for this channel within 20 minutes of the order being imported into Sellbrite. Once Amazon ships the order, the actual Ship Date will appear, along with tracking info. Tracking info will then be sent to the original sales channel, and the order will be marked shipped.


Manually Send Orders to FBA

To manually ship an order with FBA, go to your Orders tab, and find your orders in the Ready to Ship tab.

Click into an order to view the Order Details page. At the top of the page, you'll see a button to Send to FBA. In the middle of the page, you'll see the warehouse from which Sellbrite has pulled inventory for this order. You'll also see the fulfillment speed and originating sales channel.

To fulfill an order, click Send to FBA. You will get a confirmation popup asking you to choose the fulfillment quantity and the fulfillment speed.

NOTE: fulfillment speed will be Standard by default. You will need to be sure to adjust it if your customer selected a faster ship speed on your sales channel.


Fulfillment Quantity

The fulfillment quantity feature allows you to split an order into multiple shipments.

For example, if the order was for 2 units, and you wished to ship one unit yourself, you could adjust this down to 1 and only send the order to FBA to ship 1 unit. You could then add your own shipment to the order as well for the other unit.

Shipment Info

Once you send the order to FBA, a shipment will appear on the order. This will show the estimated Ship Date for the product. The order will also be moved into the Shipping tab of your Orders page.

The order will also show Fulfilled where the warehouse location once sat. At this point, an Inventory Transaction will be created for the product and it will be removed from inventory allocation.

Once Amazon ships the order, the actual Ship Date will appear, along with tracking info. Tracking info will then be sent to the original sales channel, and the order will be marked shipped.


Amazon Seller-Fulfilled-Prime (SFP) Orders

Sellbrite identifies orders that are SFP with a badge (below), so sellers can identify and prioritize fulfillment of their Prime orders. However, Sellbrite doesn't integrate with Amazon's Buy Shipping API to purchase these labels. Hence, these orders cannot be filled using Sellbrite's shipping label functionality.

These orders will need to have shipping labels purchased through the Amazon Buy Shipping service and will need to be processed as a high priority. It is possible to use our integrated shipping partner, ShipStation, to fulfill your SFP orders.

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