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Learn how to print order picklists from Sellbrite to expedite the fulfillment process.

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A Picklist is a document that indicates the name, quantity and location of each SKU that needs to be taken from inventory to fulfill your Ready to Ship orders. Picklists in Sellbrite can be printed for multiple orders or for a single order.

Printing a Picklist

To print a Picklist, navigate to the Orders page and click on the "Ready to Ship" tab.

From here, click on the "Create a Picklist" button. If no orders are selected, Sellbrite will automatically include products from all of your Ready to Shop orders in your Picklist.

You can also select specific orders if you wish to print a Picklists for a select group of orders or just one single order.

Picklists are warehouse specific, so you will need to choose a warehouse to pick inventory from.

Once you have selected a warehouse, a print page will appear containing products from all of your "Ready to Ship" orders. Click "Save."

Sellbrite will sort the items in your Picklist according to Bin Location and SKU, and provide you with the sum of items needed to be picked at the bottom of the page.

Any order items that are "not assigned" to a warehouse location will not be included in your Picklist. Click here to learn more about orders that have a "not assigned" status.

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