A USPS Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, known as a SCAN Form, is a document containing a master barcode that includes all packages to be shipped at the time of a USPS pick-up/drop-off. USPS will scan the barcode on the SCAN form, rather than scanning each package individually. This single step saves a lot of time for USPS when shipping your packages.

NOTE: SCAN Forms are only available for USPS shipments created in Sellbrite. Learn how to crate USPS shipments for orders in Sellbrite here.


Creating a SCAN Form

To create a SCAN Form, go to Orders > Shipments from the top navigation.

On the Shipments page, select Create SCAN Form. SCAN Forms are warehouse specific, so you'll need to choose the Warehouse in which your shipments are located.

Once you've selected a Warehouse, a modal will appear with all eligible USPS Shipments created for the selected day.

By default, all eligible shipments for the selected day will be checked and selected to be included on your SCAN Form. (Please note that USPS guidelines prevent you from creating SCAN Forms for shipments with a Ship Date in the past.)

Once you have your shipments and ship date selected, click Confirm. You can print or download your SCAN Form, and are now ready for your next USPS pick-up/drop-off!

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