Amazon Common Errors

Learn how to avoid and correct errors you receive when creating Amazon listings.

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1. Error 5000 "The ASIN you provided is incomplete or missing. Please provide a valid ASIN before republishing. If the product you are selling does not have an ASIN, you will need to create your listing directly in your Amazon Seller Central."

This error will be displayed if your listing ASIN is incomplete or missing. The language below occurs because without an ASIN, Amazon does not know how to organize the listing data.

To fix: Add a complete ASIN to the listing, and republish the listing.

Note: This error can relate to aspects of your listing other than ASIN. To see what this error refers to specifically, look at the end of the last line. In this case: "The value 'A123480' of element 'Value' is not Valid. This means that the ASIN is not valid. This error can also relate to Condition Type and other fields in a listing.


2. Error 8541 "The product information provided does match the Amazon listing information. Please check fields like 'Brand' and make sure that your information is correct."

This error will be displayed if you are attempting to publish a listing in Amazon where information in the listing is different from what exists in the Amazon catalog. An example of this is if you attempt to list a product that Amazon has set to Brand = Samsung, and you try to publish the listing with Brand = AirLink.

To fix: Change the Brand (or whatever field is specified in the error) to match what is in Amazon's catalog for the ASIN.

3. Error 13013 "Check your listing to make sure no required fields are missing. If everything looks good, try republishing."

This is a companion error, meaning that if you see one error (usually Error 8541), you will see Error 13013 as well.

This error often appears with Error 8541 because that error prevents Amazon from correctly finding and assigning your listing to its correct ASIN.

To fix: Resolve the primary error (likely Error 8541), and republish the listing.

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