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Build products with Listing Imports
Build products with Listing Imports

Learn how to build products by using Listing Imports

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NOTE: If you are trying to build your product catalog for the first time, please refer to Step 3: Build Your Product Catalog article from the Steps to Go Live section of our Help Center.

If your product catalog has already been built in Sellbrite, you can continue to add more products by running Listings Imports from your sales channels. To learn more about this process, check out the video below or continue reading.

If you have created new listings directly in one of your sales channels, you can easily import those new listings into Sellbrite by navigating to Settings > Import Data. From this page, select the sales channel you wish to import from.

Sellbrite offers a few different filtering options when running a listing import, but they will vary depending on the sales channel. For example, you are able to include or exclude inactive and expired listings from an Etsy Listing Import.

The most important option to consider is to "Automatically build products from these imported listings."

By selecting "Yes", you are prompting Sellbrite to import your listings and build products in your catalog from the listing data being imported. Selecting this option will NOT cause duplicate products to be built if the SKUs being imported match the SKUs of the products currently in your Sellbrite account.

However, if the listings being imported contain SKUs that do not match the SKUs used in your product catalog, you can end up with duplicated products by selecting this option.

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