Sellbrite can use the data from your existing listings to add products to your Products tab. This is done either in bulk from running an import (recommended option), or one by one from individual listings.


Adding Products in bulk from your Listings

This is the easiest and most recommended method to adding products into your Sellbrite account.

Products can be added in Sellbrite, automatically, when you import your existing listings to the system. 

NOTE: If listings have already been imported into Sellbrite (in your Listings tab), it is required to start a new import and choose the option to "auto-build products".

To import listings into Sellbrite...

Click Settings > Import Data > Listings - [channel]

On the Import Listings page, select the option to "auto-build products".

During the import, Sellbrite will use SKUs to build products from the imported listings. If your listings on this channel do not already have SKUs, Sellbrite will generate SKUs for you when building the products. The SKUs will only live in Sellbrite and will not be pushed back out to already live listing.

WARNING: If you have the same product listings on different channels with different SKUs, you run the risk of creating duplicate products in Sellbrite. Sellbrite will not be able to automatically identify that different SKUs are actually the same inventory. Learn more about the value of consistent SKUs here.

Adding Products from an Individual Listing

Sellbrite can also add products from a single listing. This method is best for those who do not want to run a full listing import. This can be done straight from the listings within Sellbrite.

Click Listings, then select the channel where your listing lives. Locate the listing, then click on the title of the listing. This will to take you to the Edit Listing page.

At the top of the page, click on the Create New Product link. You will be prompted to add a SKU for your new product. If your listing already has a SKU, it will be displayed below the title as shown below. Simply copy that SKU into the new Product SKU field.

Once you're done, your new product will be added, and this listing will be linked to it. You will see the link notification on the top of the Edit Listing page.


Unavailable Channels for Building Products from Setup Guide

When setting up your Sellbrite account, Step 2 of the Setup Guide process lets you build products from the listings imported during Step 1. However, some channels will not be available to add products, due to limitations in the data the channels provide.

Here is a list of all channels not available for building products from:

  • Sears
  • NewEgg

Sears and NewEgg simply do not provide all of the relevant product information to build inventory, like product names and descriptions.

We recommend building your products from another sales channel if possible, or using the CSV upload option during this step.

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