Sellbrite has the ability to add in your products and product information in bulk, through the use of CSV spreadsheet templates. These spreadsheets are also called CSV files, because the format of the file is CSV (Comma Separated Values) when you save it.

Here are some simple steps to guide you through that process:

1. Obtain a template of the Product CSV from Sellbrite.

Click Settings > Import Data > Products - CSV File

Find the link to download a blank template.

The template will include 2 sample products to help you visually see how to format your products.

Row 4 = a single product (meaning a product without any variations).

Row 5 = a product with variations (also known as the parent product).

Row 6-11 = variations of the parent product from row 5.

IMPORTANT: Do not edit or remove the first 3 rows of the file! 


2. Fill out the spreadsheet

Note: When adding a product in Sellbrite, you are required to enter a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and a Product Name. Sellbrite only accepts letters, numbers, hyphens, spaces, and underscores in SKUs.

After your spreadsheet has been filled out, you want to save the file to your computer. Make sure you save the file in CSV format.


3. Upload the File

Go back to Settings > Import Data > Products - CSV File

Select the file you saved to your computer and upload the file.

NOTE: Sellbrite's system does not accept spreadsheets other than Sellbrite's Product or Inventory CSV Files. If you have your product information already saved to a different spreadsheet, you will need to transfer the data onto one of our provided spreadsheets.

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