Duplicate a Product

Learn how to quickly add a new Product by duplicating an existing one.

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If you want to add a new Product in Sellbrite that is similar to an existing Product, it may be faster to use the Duplicate feature. You can duplicate a Single Product or a Variation Product in Sellbrite.

To duplicate a Product:

Search for the Product you want to duplicate. Click the Product name. This will take you to the Edit Product page.

Click the Duplicate button.

Once you duplicate the Product, Sellbrite will prompt you to add a SKU for the new Product. If you are duplicating a Variation Product, each Variation will require its own SKU.

Sellbrite automatically assigns an incremental number to the end of the original SKU to make it unique. It looks like a "-1" after the SKU. Edit the SKU(s) for your duplicated items and save. 

NOTE: You won't be able to edit the SKUs further after this step!

On this same page, you can also add quantities to each SKU. This is not immediately required; you can add quantities later on if necessary.

Finally, click the Duplicate button. Your new Product(s) will be created.

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