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Overview - How to Add Products to Sellbrite
Overview - How to Add Products to Sellbrite

Learn the different ways to add products and product attributes in Sellbrite, either individually or in bulk.

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The physical items that you stock and sell are called Products in Sellbrite.

Each product has attributes associated with it. Examples of product attributes are product name, SKU, description, dimensions, images, etc.

In Sellbrite, there are 3 ways to build products with product attributes. Click on one of the options below for detailed instructions.

This method is recommended for most merchants because it's usually the easiest. 

Sellbrite builds your products using the data in your listings. All you do is simply run a listing import.

Build products in bulk by uploading a CSV spreadsheet with your products and their attributes. 

This method is best if you prefer working with spreadsheets. If you already have your data in a spreadsheet, you will need to move that data into Sellbrite's template. Sellbrite does not accept any other types of spreadsheets but its own CSV template.

Enter your products one at a time directly in Sellbrite. This method is best when you're only entering a few products into Sellbrite, or if you prefer to add products manually.

A variation is a product that differs on variables such as color, size, materials, etc. For instance, let's say you are selling a mug that comes in 3 different colors. Each color represents a variation of the same product.

Variations can also come in combinations such as size and color (e.g. Blue and Large).

When variations are grouped under a main product, that main product is called a Parent. A Parent SKU is required to keep the variations organized together under the Parent, so they can be listed together as one single listing.

Parents have no inventory quantities, as they are not actual sellable items. However, a Parent SKU can have a price, which will be the default price for any variation unless otherwise specified.

It's possible to duplicate existing products in order to create a new product that is the same or similar to another product in your account. The duplicate feature is available for both single products and products with variations.

Note: You will be required to change the SKU for the duplicated product prior to saving the product. Sellbrite will not allow the same SKU to exist multiple times in your products tab.

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