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Pre-Setup | Getting Started Checklist
Pre-Setup | Getting Started Checklist

Welcome to Sellbrite! Review this checklist to get set up quickly and efficiently.

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  • Your Log-in Credentials for Sales Channels

Have the username/e-mail and password you use to log-in to your sales channels. You must enter these the channels to Sellbrite. See the sales channels Sellbrite integrates with here

  • Make sure you have SKUs

SKUs are required for all products in Sellbrite. Getting setup with Sellbrite is super simple if you already have SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for your products. SKUs must match implemented and matching across channel to channel. Learn more here.

  • Willingness to learn from the pros!

What do you need to know (Basic Terminology)

  • What are SKU's?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a way to uniquely identify every product you sell that makes inventory management possible across channels.

If you don't have SKUs setup already in your sales channels, we highly recommend that you take the time to add them in before getting started. Some sale channels, like Amazon, will require you to have a SKU for every listing. Other channels like eBay, Shopify, Etsy, etc., do not require SKUs. The time spent will be well worth it.

  • What are Products?

Products in Sellbrite represent the physical items that you stock or sell. Your products in Sellbrite contain all data regarding the items you are selling.

  • What is Inventory?

Inventory in Sellbrite is a representation of the quantity and monetary value of the products you sell. It is also a virtual reflection of your warehouse and/or stock.

  • What is a Listing?

Listings are the "offers" for the inventory on a sales channel. Think of Listings like advertisements for your products. Sellbrite products are the physical items you sell, and Listings are like advertisements for those products.

  • Steps to Set Up

1. Connect your sales channels
2. Import in your listings
3. Build out your inventory (can be done with step 2)
4. Confirm listings are properly linked to your inventory
5. Confirm inventory quantities
6. Go live

NOTE: Set up process may differ between merchants. Please consult with the Sellbrite team if you require further assistance. 

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