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Welcome to Sellbrite! Review this checklist to get set up quickly and efficiently.

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Before getting started

  • Login Credentials for Sales Channels

It's useful to have login credentials for your sales channels available, or to already be logged in. As you set up your account, you'll be prompted to log into your sales channels while connecting them to Sellbrite. Having quick access to log-ins will simplify this process.

  • Make sure you have SKUs

SKUs are required for all products in Sellbrite and any products created without a SKU will have one automatically generated for it. SKUs cannot be changed once a product is created, so having existing SKUs will save you time and a potential headache down the road. Learn more about SKUs here.

Basic terminology

  • SKU

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique identifier assigned to each product that you sell. It helps manage and track inventory levels and distinguish between different products.

  • Products

Products in Sellbrite represent the physical items that you stock or sell. Your products in Sellbrite contain all data regarding the items you are selling.

  • Inventory

Inventory in Sellbrite is a representation of the quantity and monetary value of the products you sell. It is also a virtual reflection of your warehouse and/or stock.

  • Listings

Listings are the "offers" for the inventory on a sales channel. Think of Listings like advertisements for your products. Sellbrite products are the physical items you sell, and Listings are like advertisements for those products.

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