Inventory sync is one of the most powerful features in Sellbrite. Once activated, Sellbrite updates your listings every 15 minutes with the available quantities from your linked inventory.

You should only adjust quantities for your products found in the Inventory tab. You should never manually adjust the quantities for your listings on your Listings tab, or in the channel directly.


How it works

1. Inventory sync begins with your Inventory in Sellbrite.  Your listings must be linked to inventory so that as the available quantities for your inventory changes, Sellbrite knows which listings should be updated with the new quantity.

2. As orders are placed for a particular listing on a channel, Sellbrite will import the orders and automatically adjust the available quantity for the SKUs ordered. The link between your listings and inventory also allows Sellbrite to know which inventory quantity should be adjusted.

3. Your "On Hand" product inventory may also be manually adjusted if you receive new stock or need to reduce it for any reason. 

4. Sellbrite compares the "Available" quantities of your inventory (on the Inventory tab) with the quantities on your listings (on the Listings tab) that are linked to inventory.

5. If you have an inventory rule in place, Sellbrite first applies the rule to your "Available" quantities to calculate a new quantity, and compares the calculated value to the linked listing quantity.

6. If the available/calculated inventory is different than the listing quantities , Sellbrite updates the quantities of the linked listings in the Listings tab, and then pushes that change to your sales channel.

: Sellbrite only checks what the listing says in your Listings tab, not on your live sales channel.

If you make updates to your listing directly on a sales channel, Sellbrite will not know about the changes until you run a new import to refresh your listings.


Bottom line

Don't change quantities directly on your sales channel, or in your Listings tab. Once inventory sync is turned on, make your quantity changes to your products in the Inventory tab, and they will propagate outward.

Learn how to properly add and adjust your inventory quantities here.

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