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Edit Product Information Using a CSV
Edit Product Information Using a CSV

Learn how to edit products in bulk using CSV.

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You can bulk edit your product information by uploading a CSV file of your changes. The easiest way to get started is to first export your data out of Sellbrite, so that it's already in the format you want. Check out this video from out Video Academy or continue reading below.

The first thing you'll need to do is export your product data from Sellbrite, so navigate to the Export Products page by going to Settings > Export Data > Products - All Data.

Once your file is ready, you'll receive a notification in the app where you can download it. You'll also receive an email confirmation. Download and open the file to see your product data.

The file can be edited to update any data except SKU. Need a refresh on the acceptable values for each field? Learn more here.

The following data points can be updated in bulk using CSV:

  • SKU of Parent Product

  • Product Name

  • Product Description

  • Brand Name

  • Condition (new, used, reconditioned)

  • Price

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

  • Sellbrite Category Name

  • Manufacturer

  • Manufacturer Model/Part Number

  • Product ID (such as UPC number)

  • Product ID Type (UPC, EAN, ISBN)

  • Item Height

  • Item Length

  • Item Width

  • Item Dimensions Unit of Measure (inches)

  • Item Weight

  • Item Weight Unit of Measure (pounds)

  • Package Height

  • Package Length

  • Package Width

  • Package Dimensions Unit of Measure (inches)

  • Package Weight

  • Package Weight Unit of Measure (pounds)

  • Feature 1-5

  • Variation 1-3

  • Product Image URL 1-12  

Tips for your CSV Spreadsheet

  • Do not leave any blank rows, as that could break the import.

  • Any individual field left blank will be skipped during import.

  • Image URL is a great way to add images in bulk quickly!

  • Category is an effective way to organize your products, as well as add new categories to your catalog.

  • Parent SKU only gets filled in for your child/variation rows, not the parent row!

  • When finished, be sure to save in .CSV format.

After you've made your changes, save the CSV file, and navigate to the Import Products page by going to Settings > Import Data > Products - CSV File.

On the following page, click "Select File," and select the CSV file with your new product edits.

Lastly, click "Upload File."

You will now see your product changes in your Sellbrite account.

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