How to Delete Products

Learn how to delete products from your Sellbrite product catalog

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Generally, it is not recommended or necessary to delete products from Sellbrite. However, should you need to delete products from your account for any reason, you can do so using the methods outlined below.

Delete products individually

You can easily delete products individually by simply opening a product page. You can locate your products in either the All Products or Inventory tabs.

Click the "Delete" button located in the top-right corner of the product page. A confirmation pop-up will appear, confirming that you want to delete this product. Click "Yes, remove."

Delete products in bulk

You can also delete your products in bulk from the All Products page. Check the boxes of the products you wish to delete, then click "Delete."

The same confirmation pop-up will appear. Click "Yes, remove."

Delete products using a Product CSV file.

The most effective way to delete your products in bulk is by using a Product CSV file. To generate this file, navigate to Settings > Export Data > Products > All Data.

Sellbrite gives you the option to filter the products being exported by Category or by Tags you may have applied.

When the export is complete, open your CSV file and scroll all the way over to the right, until you locate the "Delete" column. Enter the word "DELETE" in rows of products you want deleted. You can click the bottom-right corner of a cell to drag the "DELETE" value into more product cells.

Next, you just need to import your file back into Sellbrite. Navigate to Settings > Import Data > Products > CSV File. Once your CSV file import is complete, your products will be deleted from your product catalog.

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