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Step 6: Confirm Channel and Account Settings
Step 6: Confirm Channel and Account Settings

In Go-Live Step 6, check these recommended settings before you go live.

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Price Sync

Price Sync automatically updates the Listings on any of your connected sales channels with the price you enter for that Product in Sellbrite.

You can enable Price Sync for some, or all of your sales channels. Once enabled, Price Sync runs every 15 minutes and updates Listings with the price listed in Sellbrite. If the price on the channel does not match the Sellbrite Price, the Sellbrite price will be used.

NOTE: Price Sync is a global setting. This means that when Price Sync is enabled for a channel, it will apply to all of the listings in that channel.

Warehouse Address

If you plan to create shipping labels through Sellbrite, make sure to include your warehouse's physical address so that you don't have to manually type it out each time you process a label.

You can navigate to the Warehouse Locations page from the

Settings Tab.

Shipping Carriers (UPS & FedEx)

If you use UPS and FedEx as shipping carriers, you can connect those accounts directly to Sellbrite for future billing when printing out shipping labels.

Just enter the required information and your account will be connected. If you have been approved for negotiated business rates, those rates will appear when printing labels as long as your account details have been entered correctly.


If you have a ShipStation account, you can connect it directly to Sellbrite. Once connected, ShipStation will pull in any Open orders from the channels connected to Sellbrite.

Just make sure to remove your channels from ShipStation if you connect Sellbrite, otherwise, ShipStation will pull in double the orders from both your sales channels and Sellbrite.


When you're done checking the above settings, continue to your last step! Go-Live Checklist Step 7: Enable Inventory Sync

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